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Reaccredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 2.70 at B Grade

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Rules & Regulationse

Registration with Calcutta University

All students admitted to 1st year degree classes must apply in prescribed form to be had from the college office on payment of requisite registration fee, for registration of their names with the Calcutta University at the time of admission or on dates specified under the order of the Principal No. student is allowed to appear at the B.A / B.Sc / B.Com Examination if he / she failed to obtain Registration Certificate .


A student coming from any Board, Council or University other than W.B Council of Higher Secondary Education may be provisionally admitted to the 1 st year degree class subject to the condition that he / she shall produce his / her original Migration Certificate within a month from the date of his / her admission .

Percentage of Attendance

As per rule a student of B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com. class must attend 75% of the lecturers delivered and 60% of the tutorials / Practical classes to be sent up for the Final University examination as a regular candidate. A student who attendant 605 or above but less than 75% of the lecturers delivered in each subject may be sent up for final University Examination on payment of requisite than 60% of the lecturers delivered, is a discollegiate student and forfeits the right to appear in the final University Examination .

The College reserves the right to strike off the name of a student whose attendance in classes and lectures delivered is found to be unsatisfactory. A student who does not attend theoretical classes regularity is not allowed to attend practical classes without necessary permission from the authority .

Name of students of 1 st year classes who fail to attend classes for consecutive 15 days from the date of commencement of classes without prior permission of the Princiapal / may be struck off from the Attendance Register (s) .

Changes of Stream / Subject

Change of streams is not permissible. Change of subjects within a month from the date of admission may be allowed at the discretion of the Principal / on payment of requisite fees, as decided by the authority .

Admission on Transfer

a) Admission on transfer from other institution to 1 st year classes is not permitted and is strictly restricted by the college authority .

b) However, admission on transfer to 2 nd year classes may be allowed at the discretion of the Principal .

Enrolment of Unsuccessful Candidates

Unsuccessful candidates of the B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com examination who are eligible as per Calcutta University rules, to appear at the same or compartmental examination next year must register their names by filling up casual admission form on payment of requisite fees. They are required to fill up Examination Form and deposit fees on schedule dates as notified by the college authority .

Number of Chances of Examination

a) An unsuccessful candidate of B.A /B.Sc. B.Com Examination shall get two ore chances without any change of subject .

b) Unsuccessful candidates of the Final Degree Examination are not allowed for re-admission in the 2nd year / 3rd year classes .

A student who has been promoted to the next higher classes must complete the course of study in that year .

College Examination

The test examinations for the students of Pt. – I, Pt. – II, B.A./ B.Sc./ B.Com classes are generally held in the month of anuary / February as per C.U. notification .

Class tests and periodical examinations are also held for Honours and General students. It is compulsory and obligatory on the part of each student to appear at each such examination / test failing which such displinary and academic measures may be taken against the student concerned as the authority deems fit. Details of the examination are notified from time to time by the Departments Concerned .

Payment of Tuition Fees

Tuition fees must be paid within the 15th of every month. Names of defaulters for more than two months shall be struck off from the Attendance / college Register. Names may be restored on payment of re-admission fee equal to one month’s tuition fee. Delay fine of Rs. 5/- per month has to be paid by such students .

Promotion and sending up for Final Examination

Promotion of a student to next higher classes is considered on the basis of his / her
i) Performance in Annual Examination ii) Percentage of Attendance and iii) Conduct.

Students unable to appear in the Annual Examination on account of serious illness, will be required to submit an application, countersigned by the parent / guardian, alongwith a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner, before the end of the examination. No student shall be promoted to the 2 nd year class unless he / she appears at the Annual Examination .

A student’s performance in the Annual and Test Examination, percentage of attendance and conduct are considred at the time of sending up the student of the Part – I and Part – II Examinations .

Rules for General Conducts and Discipline

i) The behaviour of the students towards the teaching and non-teaching staff of the college must be polite and respectful .

ii) Disorderly conduct in the class rooms, library, corridors or any part of the college campus is strictly forbidden.

iii) Loitering in the corridors or near class rooms during class / examination hours will be treated as serious offence. During class hours, no outdoor games are to be played anywhere in the college campus. Students may go to the Library or Common Room when there is no clas for them to attend .

iv) Students must not enter the office, the Principal’s room or Teacher’s Room without any specific business and before entering they must seek due permission .

v) Fixing poster or writing of any kind on the walls or furniture of the college is strictly forbidden .

vi) Students should cooperate with college authority in keeping the college campus clean and beautiful. Spitting on the walls will be treated as punishable offence .

vii) No meeting or conference in the college campus shall be held without the prior permission of the Principal .

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    NABAGRAM HIRALAL PAUL COLLEGE NABAGRAM, KONNAGAR, HOOGHLY NOTICE DATE: 05-04-2018 C.U. B.COM (PART II) C21G PRACTICAL EXAMINATION, 2018 EXAMINATION SCHEDULE REPORTING TIME : 11 A.M. FOR HONOURS MALE CANDIDATE DATE ADMIT CARD ROLL NUMBER 11/04/2018 1612 - 41- (0001-0051) 12/04/2018 1612 -41- (0052 - 0096, 4002, 4006, 4024, 4036, 4038, 4052, 4071) FOR HONOURS FEMALE CANDIDATE DATE ADMIT CARD ROLL NUMBER 13/04/2018 1612 -31- (0001- 0022, 4004, 4008) FOR GENERAL MALE CANDIDATE DATE ADMIT CARD ROLL NUMBER 13/04/2018 1612 -- 45 – (0001 – 0013, 4121, 4123) FOR GENERAL FEMALE CANDIDATE DATE ADMIT CARD ROLL NUMBER 13/04/2018 1612 - 35 – (0002 – 0010)
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